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Using MySQL Stored Procedures with PHP mysql/mysqli/pdo

Using MySQL Stored Procedures with PHP mysql/mysqli/pdoWondering how to use stored procedures with PHP and MySQL? So was I and here’s what I’ve learned. In this tutorial I’ll explain how to use PHP (I’m using 5.2.6) to call MySQL (I’m using 5.0.2) stored procedures using the following database extensions: MySQL – – – we need to setup our enviroment which consists of a new database with one table and two stored procedures. In your db tool of choice (I’ll be using the MySQL Query Browser) create a new database named test. After you create the new database, make sure to add a user called example with password example to the database and give it read access. CREATE DATABASE `test`; Now create the table users: DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `test`.`users`;
CREATE TABLE  `test`.`users` (
`first_name` VARCHAR(100)NOT NULL,