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Version Control System for Your PHP Projects

What are Version Control Systems (VCS)? Since not every developer is familiar with version control systems as they should be, I would like to start by explaining what are these systems, so everybody is on the same page. Version control systems (VCS) are systems that can keep track of the multiple versions of the files that make part of a project. They are also know revision control systems or source control systems. The main goal of these systems is to keep an archive of the changes done to each project file, so it is possible to: Recover any past version of fileCompare two versions of a file and see the actual changes done on the file contentsSee which developer was responsible for each changeUndo inconvenient changes by reverting to past versions Why Using Version Control System is Important for All Developers? Looking above to what you can do using a VCS, it should be clear why these systems are important for all developers. Still, let me emphasize some aspects. When using a VCS, yo…