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10 Golden Rules of Project Risk Management:

5 Essential Characteristics of a Project Manager:

There are lots of different types of project managers in the world and they all approach their jobs in a different way. I have worked with a wide variety of different sorts of people in this role and feel that there is no classic project manager stereotype which I could try and shoehorn them all into. However, they also tend to have some very clearly defined characteristics in common, and by looking at the most importance of these it is clear that you need certain qualities to survive and prosper in this job. 1. A Good Sense of Organization Not every project is going to involve a busload of team members and an eye-watering budget. The same sorts of rules can be applied to every project though, and if you can run a small project in an organized manner, than a big one shouldn’t be a problem either. Personally I like t…

Responsive AJAX applications with COMET

PHP conference season* Multiple response AJAX requests* COMET: Multiple response AJAX request implementation* HTTP compression* Page compression delays* Avoiding mod_gzip dechunking* Apache 2.2.x with mod_deflate

- PHP conference season
Before proceeding to the main topic of this post, I would like to let you know that in October it starts the PHP Conference season, at least here in Brazil where I live.

I will be attending several conferences as a speaker, at least at those events that take place in São Paulo state. In some conferences, other reputed local PHP developers will also present their talks.

If you live nearby, or you happen to be the neighborhood during this season, you are more than welcome to come along and help supporting the local PHP community.

Here follows event schedule:

Programming Language Festival
São Paulo, October 7
I will be giving a talk representing PHP in a event on which other speakers will represent other languages such as C++, C#, Java, Python and Ruby .

File upload progress meter for PHP 4, at last!

The story of the PHPClasses site and the forms class- Form file upload progress meter- File upload progress meter for PHP 4- Upload progress meter plug-in- Merry X-mas and Happy New Year

This year has been very intense in terms of PHP developments, at least for me. I could talk about the the upcoming premium services, that are almost ready for launch. I could also talk about several PHP conferences that I have attended as a speaker. But no, I have already talked a lot about those subjects in previous posts.

In this end of year post, I will be talking about a single PHP class. Not just any class, but the class that made me create the PHPClasses site: Forms Generation and Validation.

But let me tell you why this class is so important to PHPClasses site and also tens of thousands of PHP developers that use it.

- The story of the PHPClasses site and the forms class
I have started working with PHP around 1997, still in the PHP 2 beta days. I used to part…

PHP killer feature - Streams abstraction

PHPClasses site activity on Twitter
Before proceeding to the main topic of this post, I would like to keep you up with an experiment that I am carrying on with the PHPClasses site.

Nowadays, I hardly have time to do everything I wanted, I have even less time to keep watching on the activities of my friends. So, I always questioned the interest of micro-blogging platforms like Twitter.

Micro-blogging platforms can send short messages to mobile phones or instant messaging programs when a Twitter account is updated with new entries.

A couple of weeks ago, a personal friend of mine started an experience with Twitter. He has popular blog about arts and culture. So, he started adding entries about the latest posts and comments submitted to his blog. Surprisingly, a lot of users started following his blog Twitter entries.

This made me wonder if there is enough interest on the part of the PHPClasses site community to follow the latest activities of the users on the site.