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How to send files to remote server via SSH in PHP

This example describes ‘How to SSH to remote server in PHP and send files from one server to another server using libssh2.’ ssh2_connect() – Connect to a remote server
ssh2_scp_send() – Send a file via SSH
ssh2_exec() – Execute a command on a remote server Install libssh2 and then install PECL SSH2 extension for PHP. Example:    $ip = ""; $username = "test"; $port = 22; $public_ssh_key = "/var/www/html/ssh_keys/"; $private_ssh_key = "/var/www/html/ssh_keys/id_dsa"; if(function_exists("ssh2_connect")) { $ssh_conn = ssh2_connect($ip, $port); if($ssh_conn) { //Validate your username with ssh keys if(ssh2_auth_pubkey_file($ssh_conn, $username, $public_ssh_key, $private_ssh_key, 'secret')) { // Check file list $stream = ssh2_exec($ssh_conn, 'ls -l /home/test/'); if($stream) { stream_set_blocking($stream, true); while ($buf = fread($stream,4096)) { flush(); // comment this line $data.=$buf; print_r($buf…