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PHP Object-Relational Mapping: ORM or ROM?

- NetMake - ScriptCase sponsors the PHP programming innovation award
NetMake is the newest sponsor of the PHP programming innovation award
organized by the PHPClasses site.

This company develops a productivity tool named ScriptCase to help PHP
developers create Web applications in a faster way. The main aspect of
ScriptCase that distinguishes it from other PHP productivity tools is
that the tool itself is a Web based application.

Despite being on the Brazilian market since 2001, only recently NetMake
has been expanding to the international market by making available
ScriptCase in English.

- 2Checkout payments available to accept credit cards
Some users have complained that they wanted to buy premium subscriptions or post paid jobs in the site jobs board, but due to restrictions of Paypal they cannot make the payments.

Therefore the site now accepts credit card payments using the 2Checkout payment services. 2Checkout is company that acts as a res…