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Email: - pradeepceb@gmail.com

Web architect and web developer from Bangalore, India.
  • Strong experience with PHP and MySQL  more than 8+ years.
  • Experience with javascript in frontend with libraries such as AngularJsjQuery, Electron JS  and and at server side with node.js
  • Experienced delivering scalable, secure and high performing web solutions to large scale enterprise clients.
  • Sysadmin skills.
    • Web server administration (Apache and Nginx)
    • Experience Database administration (Oracle, PostgreSQL and Mysql) and data migration
    • Experience in Linux administration.
  • Experience in agile team management (SCRUM) and Project Management according to PMBOK guide.
  • Experience with Version Control System (Git).
  • Founder of webellabs.com and guest writer on several other sites
  • Technical writer and technical reviewer at printed magazines:
  • Host of Coding Dojos focused on TDD, Singleton Design Pattern and Agile software development: http://katayunos.com
  • Book technical reviewer:
    • PHP Web Development  link
    • The Cross Browser Handbook link
  • Publications:
    • 5 Things You Should Check Now to Improve PHP Web Performance link

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