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MySQL in the Cloud in PHP

MySQL Everywhere As a PHP developer, chances are that you use MySQL with your applications. Being a Free and Open Source database, MySQL is one of the most widely used databases today, particularly for Web applications. As more and more applications are being migrated to the cloud, MySQL has come to rule the virtualized environment as well. MySQL Challenges in the Cloud Maintaining scalability and high availability of your MySQL database is challenging even in your physical data center, let alone in the dynamic environment of the cloud. While scaling an application (by adding more servers and load balancers) is pretty much a no-brainer, on the database tier things are very different. Scaling a database in general is no trivial task, and in the cloud it is way more difficult because of the need to quickly adjust to changing requirements in load. Scaling a database is tedious, painful and potentially risky in the sense that it can cause a temporary denial of service.  Furthermore, you o…

Basic UNIX commands

Filesls — lists your files
ls -l — lists your files in ‘long format’, which contains lots of useful information, e.g. the exact size of the file, who owns the file and who has the right to look at it, and when it was last modified.
ls -a — lists all files, including the ones whose filenames begin in a dot, which you do not always want to see.
There are many more options, for example to list files by size, by date, recursively etc.more filename — shows the first part of a file, just as much as will fit on one screen. Just hit the space bar to see more or q to quit. You can use /pattern to search for a pattern.emacs filename — is an editor that lets you create and edit a file. See the emacs filename1 filename2 — moves a file (i.e. gives it a different name, or moves it into a different directory (see below)cp filename1 filename2 — copies a filerm filename — removes a file. It is wise to use the option rm -i, which will ask you for confirmation before actually deleting anything. Yo…